Contract Dates:

Summer 2019: May 7 – July 31
Fall 2019/Spring 2020: Aug. 19 – May 1

What Should I Bring?

Pots and pans, dishes, silverware, other cooking items, bedding (mattress covers provided), towels, shower curtain, cleaning and laundry supplies, and whatever else will make Campus Villas home away from home.

If I rent a shared room, who will be my roommate?

We will make every effort to accommodate roommate requests.  Usually we are able to grant all requests. The earlier you sign the lease and make the request, the better the chance of having the roommate of choice.  Usually the manager can let you know if roommate requests can be granted before lease signing. If you do not request a roommate, your roommate is assigned at random.

How do I pay rent?

All of our residents and their guarantors have access to their property’s online resident portal, where you can make a payment or review your payment history. You or your guarantor can pay rent online via a card, checking or savings account, or set up automatic payments. You can also pay with a check or cash in the office.  We can also take card information over the phone. (There is a 3.75% service fee when paying with a card online or over the phone).

Is the deposit refundable?

The $200.00 deposit includes a $175.00 security deposit and a $25.00 application fee.  All of this is non-refundable, except $75.00 of the security deposit is refundable if the Apartment is left clean and undamaged, as shown by the final walk-through inspection and verification that the utilities have been paid (the remaining $100.00 security deposit is retained by Campus Villas for carpet cleaning and other maintenance). The refundable $75.00 will be sent to you at the address you provide the manager upon checkout. The refund will be sent approximately 30 days after the end of Spring Semester.  If you move from Campus Villas without participating in the final walk-through inspection, all the deposit will be forfeited.

What happens if a tenant leaves Campus Villas without making their last utility payment?

Any outstanding utility payment will be deducted from the tenant’s security deposit. 

What is the lease liability?

By signing an individual lease, you are only responsible for your rent. You have no liability for the rent of the other apartment residents – one less thing for you to worry about. If a roommate transfers or graduates, you have nothing to worry about. You are not liable for the other roommates’ rent! This is a significant advantage over the joint and several leases used at rental houses and other apartment properties where each student/guarantor is liable for the rent of all residents in the unit. In those communities, when a roommate leaves school – you are liable for their rent. Not at Campus Villas – just another way we give you peace of mind.

Are the rules & regulations enforced?

Yes.  Students who break the rules will be evicted. Evicted tenants are still responsible for the lease and will be expected to make payment in full. This is stated in the contract.

What if I observe another tenant breaking the rules or causing problems?

The manager should be notified ASAP.  However, if the manager has not personally witnessed the problem, you need to fill out a complaint form (found online or in the office) and sign it in order to enforce the rule or evict the offending tenant.